Category: Soft Commodities

ABM International General Trading LLC


Rice is one of the most important cereals and food items in the world. Half of the world’s population relies on rice as a staple food. There are now “tens of thousands of rice” in the world. The traditional method for cultivating rice is flooding the fields while, or after, setting the young seedlings. This…
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Cereals are plants of the wheat family that are monocotyledonous herbaceous and have small amounts of edible seeds. Cereals are one-year plants, meaning they end their life cycle in a crop season. Cold-strain species of cereals are cultivated in the fall and early spring and are harvested in mid- to late summer. The products which…
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Oil Seeds and Edible Oil

ABM INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING L.L.C is one of the major oil seeds  Trader of edible oils. Oil seed crops are cultivated largely under rain-fed conditions and due to erratic rainfall the crops suffer from moisture stress at different growth stages resulting in low yields. The production of oil seed can therefore be stabilized and significantly…
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Animal and Livestock Feed

ABM INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING L.L.C offers a wide variety of commodities and feed ingredients such as animal proteins, vegetable proteins, marine proteins, whole grains, forage grasses and equine feeds. In the field of animal nutrition,ABM develops specific feed additives for each animal species. Its experienced technical team together with its own R&D team work in…
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