Category: paper and cellulosic products

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Media Paper

LWC This grade of paper is used for publications, advertisements and etc. Art Coated Could be used as packaging and media applications also.

Sack Kraft Paper

  Wide range of applications: Cement and building materials, Chemicals, Animal feed, Pet food, Consumer bags, food

Wrapping Paper

Paper whose main use is wrapping or packaging made from any combination of virgin or recovered fiber and can be bleached or unbleached. Their applications would be fruit, food, commodities, drug and etc.

Containerboard (Linerboard)

The facings or outside & inside surfaces of the corrugated panel that constitutes a box. It is generally made from a mixture of kraft and recycled pulps. Kraft Paper:A linerboard that contains 100% Kraft pulp as virgin pulp. The application of this grade is high quality and strong containerboards. Application:  –    Non-corrugated packaging: Wrapping, Masking…
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Printing and Writing Paper

Printing and writing paper is produced primarily with pulp and the three main types are wood-free uncoated paper, MFC (Machine Finished Coated paper), and wood-free coated paper. wood-free uncoated paper and MFC are used for textbooks, books and diaries, whereas wood-free coated paper is used for high quality catalogues, company newsletters, calendars and etc. All…
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