Finance & Services

ABM International General Trading LLC

ABM INTERNATIONAL GENERAL TRADING L.L.C finance department is a leading financial advisory department, delivering high-end financial planning and investment advisory solutions. We customize every one of our services to fit your short-term, medium-term, and long-term needs, all while working towards the final goal of financial freedom. While technology plays a critical role in achieving these objectives, it is our people who ultimately make the difference. Each of our parts has the skills and industry experience to understand your need, develop a personalized financial plan, and advise you periodically, to keep your portfolio pointing upwards.

ABM Financing Services provides extensive origination, merchandising, logistics and operations experience for seamless execution of all physical transactions in soft commodities and all other trades including financing,agriculture & Food, Metals & Minerals, Petrochemical & Polymer, Petroleum Products, Paper & Cellulose Products across the entire supply chain including producers and consumers, importers and exporters.

Our financing Services can provides structured commodity financing to clients that is incremental to their established banking relationships. Our goal is to help clients optimize their fixed assets.