Our Business

ABM International General Trading LLC

Based on the idea of partnering with specialized companies around the world and taking advantage of their potentials and capabilities, the company has expanded its business into the following sectors professionally and has continued successfully.
The core of our business has two parts:

1. Trade and Commerce

Our commerce sectors include:

  • Agriculture & Food

  • Metals & Minerals

  • Petrochemical & Polymer

  • Petroleum Products

  • Paper & Cellulose Products

2. Financial field

We have expanded our business to benefit from trading in the online trading and contract markets,trade finance, financial instruments, investment, risk management and hedging.

It should be noted that the above two sections are necessary and essential to each other, and various parts of the business have gradually been added to our core over the course of the 23 years of its operation. Our business partners in the USA, UAE, China, India, Europe and the Middle East are always with us.